about us

We are a passionate group of volunteers who came together to create a support platform for the LGBTI+ community in these difficult times that confront us with the distressing consequences of the Covid-19 crisis. Through this platform we can do something good for our community.

How do we support?

We offer talks with someone from the community to the people who need one. Those talks can be either through the online chat functionality or through the (free) phone number.

In what other ways do we support?

We collect other support initiatives that are involved with offering help during corona, we share important addresses, give practical tips and offer some distraction. 

Who do we support?

LGBTI+ support is created for everyone in the LGBTI+ community, but especially for those who need extra support during this crisis.

Who supports us?

LGBTI+ support is supported by the alliance partners COC Nederland, Transgender Netwerk Nederland and NNID, the Dutch organisation for sex diversity.

Made possible by: 

Alex Timmer, Korte Tekst

Anne Levah Russchen, Transgender Netwerk Nederland

en Pink Terrorists

Astrid Oosenbrug, Oosenbrug Advies 

Carlijn Koppelmans

Femke Hurkmans, transcreen.eu

Inge Frank, Pink Point Utrecht 

Isabelle Ho Kang You, Vertoon

Jan Janssenswillen, Studio Jan Janssenswillen

Jan-Willem de Bruin, COC Nederland en Switchboard

Kris van der Veen, 113 Zelfmoordpreventie

Marjolein Dietz-van Zwam, Pink Terrorists

Moreno Perna, Moreno Perna

Nora Uitterlinden, Transgender Netwerk Nederland

Quirine Lengkeek, Pink Terrorists

Seger Terpstra, Haus of Hautery

Steven Verheij, Home-Front

Tirza de Fockert, Tirza de Fockert

Vincent Pompe, Meerdervoort en Shout Wageningen